2016 Wall Calendar

Back for a second year, Kabahead Kreations’ Wall Calendars! After informally polling several people, I went with the Asian food theme for the calendar again. Buy it now as a gift or for your home/office. Limited quantity available!



I’m pretty sure the #1 “Chinese” take out food item in America is orange chicken. In fact, after I designed this character, I started seeing several billboards from Panda Express advertising their original orange chicken.


The above design came from I thought I had one day after eating some Chinese food at Paul’s Kitchen in LA. Always getting a good kick out of fortune cookie sayings, I thought it would be funny to depict the cookies themselves having conversations with each other via their fortune strips. I had thrown around the idea of having words on the strip, but generally I like designing characters/scenes where words aren’t necessary. Hence, the heart ❤


This sushi boat design was my husband’s idea and if you ask him, he’ll tell you how proud he is for coming up with such a genius idea. I came up with the ikura skull & crossbones though. 🙂

University of California, Irvine: Grad Photos

It’s already May— where did the time go? June is right around the corner which means so is graduation season!

This weekend I had the blessing of taking grad photos for one of my old youth group kids, Kristin. She began attending our church as an 8th grader and I would post a photo from back then, but she’d probably kill me. 😉

Kristin has grown into a beautiful & smart young woman who loves Christ with all her heart! Congrats on graduating!

Special thanks to roommate Rebecca for coming along to fix hair/make up and hold the giant gold reflector 🙂

kristin-1373-004kristin-1362-003kristin-1385-005  kristin-1408-008

Why is Kristin so excited? Because her time at UCI has been immortalized on the athletic mural!kristin-1433-010

Obligatory photo by the anteater:kristin-1451-011 kristin-1474-012 kristin-1489-014

We almost didn’t get this shot below because of police activity minutes before.



First Birthday Portraits

My good friend’s cutie pie daughter just turned one this month so as her official photographer, I took a few photos of her all dressed up! As you can tell, she’s quite an active little girl so we had to distract her with candy, noise makers and pillow pets to get her to stay still in front of the backdrop.

Backdrop:  6′ wide white seamless paper
Lighting: Window lighting only! I set up right next to a large living room window
Equipment: Canon 5DMKII with 50mm f1.4 lens, plush monkey, and a lot of noise makers






Emily1stBday-KK- Emily1stBday-KK--2


2015 Wall Calendar

Every year customers ask if I’m ever going to make a wall calendar. The answer this year: YES! HOORAY! I finally sat down and designed a unique wall calendar of cute Asian foods. It measures 8.5×14″ and is printed on 110# white index stock and is hand-bound and packaged.

I’m only doing a small run, less than 50. These will be sold exclusively at my craft shows so if you want one, come early (they will sell out fast!).

wallcalendar01 wallcalendar02 wallcalendar03 wallcalendar04


Wedding Cake Toppers

For our friends’ (Mai & Dale’s) wedding I was asked to make a cake topper. We all thought it would be cute to make characters of a Korean groom and Vietnamese bride wearing their traditional wedding outfits (hanbok and ao dai).

I decided to go with Fimo and Sculpey clay (also known as polymer clay) to make the cake topper. These clays are great because they come in a variety of colors (I didn’t have to mix any thing, just bought them off the shelf at Michaels). After sculpting, you bake them and they harden and become like mini statues, perfect for cake toppers that you can keep forever =)

Below is the groom wearing the traditional wedding hanbok (hat too!). The pattern on the chest was made using the same technique as Millefiori beads–I wrapped a bunch of colors together and then sliced a piece off.


Here is the bride wearing the Vietnamese wedding ao dai and khan dong (hat). I made the hat by rolling several strands of red and then squishing them together on top of a plastic Easter egg to keep the shape.


And here’s their shiba inu dog who also made an appearance on the cake!


After making my own wedding cake topper in 2009 I learned that it’s best to adhere each of the characters on top of a flat platform, which will allow them to sit nicely on the cake without frosting getting up in their feet, etc. I made a white platform out of some extra fimo clay and rolled it out to about a 1/4″ thickness, then baked it. I adhered the little figurines to it using earthquake putty so that they could be removed later, if desired.

The final figurines stand about 3.5″ tall.